Integrity and humbled passion is rare in the music industry. Trinity One Records has these traits. Bryan's passion and talent to sing, produce, and play guitar mixed with his talented sisters business mind who can also sing, will make for a great explosion.

                                                            *Randy N.

I can appreciate the passion of music and the arts by Trinity One Records. It is refreshing to know companies that value integrity and a good business model. Great job!

                                                          *Xavier G. 

When you're looking for a group who's a step ahead of the rest; yet, sets the pace just for You, this is the ONE! Passionate individuals with a vision; caring for those they represent! Contact them and start seeing great results for YOURSELF!!

                                                          *Charles W. 

Trinity One Records LLC’s founders have certainly turned their passion into their purpose! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a group with such immense talent and experience.

                                                           *Diana R. 

When Passion Meets Purpose Great things are bound to happen! Need confirmation? Look no further than Trinity One Records.       

                                                          *Chadston L.

When you look at the word Trinity it simplifies what to expect from them. We all know that the Trinity represents the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. I know, from my experience working with the owners, they represent “The Trinity” very well but I would like to take it a step further. The 3 things that comes to my mind is Talent, Quality, Dedication. I have worked with Bryan and Veronica and those are the qualities they have showed to me. Trinity One Record is the place to go!

                                                            *Lesly L.