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The Journey Began

Bryan Ezell of Sherman, TX is an artist/musician who is known for electrifying a crowd with his soulful style of singing as well as musical abilities. His attempt at singing began at the age of two when his mother taught him the old time gospel songs. He didn’t miss a word or beat when standing in front of a crowd. At that moment, she knew there was something special about his connection with music. So she encouraged him to sing often.

His quest for becoming a musician began at a small, Southern Baptist church (New Dora Missionary Baptist) of Tom, OK.  Music captured his heart and soul, peaking an interest in playing the guitar, as he sat on the wooden pews watching the young men play tirelessly", recalled Bryan.  Later, he received a very worn guitar, with missing strings from his "Paw, Paw".  He promised his father he would learn to play if he had it repaired.  At the age of 12, he started strumming and plucking, but the tune just wasn't there.  A year later, something happened! He began to learn quickly and the rest is history! Fastforward...

The Change to Freedom


Despite his upbringing and religious teachings, he walked away.  He even put his guitar down for a period of time, losing a part of his passion for playing.  Then Bryan began singing more often, writing, mixing, and collaborating with other musicians, but his "why" was lost in translation.  "My breakthrough happened, and my freedom became my platform", said Ezell.

A Driven Purpose


His music is a combination of life struggles, open opportunities, love, salvation, and good vibes all wrapped in one. His drive is to help someone, because many encouraged him on his journey to freedom. Because of his passion for wanting people to feel his music, Bryan displays a powerful yet soulful vocal performance that would enchant the very listener as well as send the message of true peace with love and happiness; which only comes from Christ. His favorite quote is:

"If I can't feel it, the people won't feel it".

He endeavors to go at God-speed and let his gifts impact lives in the nation. 

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