How does studio recording work?

Usually takes place at a specialized facility for sound recording, mixing, and audio production of vocal, instruments, musical performances, or other audio sounds.  The "live room" is designated for the artist or musician to release sound that is being recorded into the "sound room" where audio engineers and record producers operate professional equipment to track and listen to the music for quality.

How much does the recording studio time cost?

Recording studio cost is based on time and detail on any project. Starting points are typically around $50-150/hr considering the longevity and customers’ needs. The saying, "You get what you pay for”, still holds truth.  

Why use a professional recording studio?

When you use a professional studio for recording your projects, the results are greater with an experienced engineer who knows how to tailor to your sound and style.  While taking the "DIY" at home route can get you started, having someone with a trained ear and high quality equipment is an investment.

When does the recording studio operate?

The studio schedule is by appointment only, but we operate Mon-Sat. excluding major holidays.  Contact us by email or schedule a consultation here on our home page.

Can I book a service as a first time customer without a consultation?

No. It's not recommended that we began services blindly. We want to be at our best to help meet goals and project needs. It's about building a working relationship to serve you individually and deliver proper support to completion or ongoing.